Ex Military Talent Management

RV1 Group specialises in placing exceptional talent from the ex-forces community into the business workplace.

Grounded in core values of service and action, we at RV1 offer a highly committed delivery of your staffing needs operating at a radically different pace than those normally found within the industry. We place exclusively from the ex-forces community with each candidate interviewed and fully understood prior to any potential placement being made. 

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Why use RV1 Group?

As a client with a staffing need you will most probably have great discontent towards modern day recruitment services. Each and every member of the RV1 team stand by a rigid code of swift response along with an invincible drive to bring quick-time solution to their client. We also strongly believe in bringing the VIP ‘feel-good’ factor to each and every client experience – a core RV1 standard that is hardwired into our daily operation. We always strive for long term solution and employment stability, avoiding the quick fix that will only cause further disruption to your day to day operation.

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At RV1 we pride ourselves on ‘end to end’ talent solutions, from concept to completion, providing the very best platform for your uncapped business success.

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