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RV1 Group are proud to announce their nominated Charity to support since 2019 is Little Troopers.

Little Troopers

Little Troopers is a registered charity supporting children with parent(s) in the British Armed Forces. These children face unique daily challenges due to their parents career choice, especially when they experience repeated separation of varying lengths of time from their serving parent(s) due to exercises, training, operations and other service commitments. Little Troopers strive to be supportive to all British Armed Forces families, regardless of their situation. The only eligibility criteria is children must have a serving Mummy, Daddy or both in the British Army, Royal Airforce or Royal Navy.

Registered Charity

The charity was formed in 2011 due to a Little Trooper that was in need of support. The passion behind the founding of the charity is evident in all that is undertaken and achieved. So much is done with so little. The charity is committed every day, ensuring children are not disadvantaged due to their parents chosen career and the daily challenges that come with it. As a charity, Little Troopers have fundamental resources available to help ease and aid the separation period. Support can be reached self-sufficiently from wherever they are based. Events are made available to promote reconnection of parent and Little Trooper and there is a community celebrating how special all the Little Troopers out there really are!

Supporting Military Children

British Armed Forces families are living in all corners of the world, so Little Troopers aim to ensure everyone feels included and can access the support they provide quickly, easily and in a self-sufficient fashion. The shape of the British Armed Forces is consistently changing and, where possible, Little Troopers try to react to that by being as dynamic as they can be for the good of the Little Troopers.


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