Repair Technician
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Repair Technician

RV1 Skill Bridge Programme – 4 Week Placement

Enrol on our 4 week RV1 Skill Bridge™ Programme to discover an in-depth experience and career prospects within the Automotive industry. Our client is a leading UK automotive repair company based in Lancashire. Operating since 1986, they have a multi million £ turnover dealing with brands such as Tesla, Audi and VW.

An RV1 Skill Bridge™ placement will offer invaluable insight into a wealth of opportunity and future career prospects by providing an 4 week ‘real-time’ work-placement programme that can perfectly integrate into Resettlement downtime. Upon completion of the Skill Bridge™ Programme there will be a potential offer of full time permanent employment for the right Candidate. Sign up to our Skill Bridge™ today to showcase your talents to our client and stand out from the crowd.  The Programme is also open to applications from Ex-Military Candidates that have already left the British Forces.

Start Date: April 2022

Potential Salary for those awarded with job offer at end of placement: £28K – £50K DOE

Location: Skelmersdale, Lancashire

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An Accident Repair Technician repairs all elements of a vehicle after it has sustained damage after an accident. Repairs can range from small damage through to heavily impacted damage requiring complex and detailed repair or replacement of major structural elements of the vehicle.

During the repair process, the vehicle will go through 4 main stages of repair:

  • Vehicle Damage Assessment (VDA)
  • MET (mechanical, electrical, trim)
  • Panel Repair and replacement
  • Preparation and Paint

An Accident Repair Technician will have the ability to understand and interpret relevant repair methodology and technical data required to repair the vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

Behaviours Required

A competent Accident Repair Technician will be able to demonstrate the following behaviours:

  • The adoption at all times of good health and safety practice
  • A strong positive work ethic
  • Consider the environment and sustainability
  • Effective communication throughout the repair process
  • The ability to work in a team and be a good team member
  • A customer first approach
  • Committed to Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Course Content:

Health & Safety

  • Health & Safety in the workplace
  • Correct PPE
  • Tools & Equipment 


  • Be able to identify vehicle accident damage
  • Ability to identify vehicle components


  • Awareness to interpret relevant technical data, specification, and methods to enable appropriate pre-preparation prior to work being carried out
  • Ability to undertake appropriate job preparation prior to commencing repair, e.g., undertaking electrical safety precautions and conducting pre-repair diagnostics sweeps.
  • Awareness to identify and learn to operate the correct repair tools, equipment and devices used in the process such as Geometry Wheel Aligners for alignment of the wheels, diagnostic hardware to establish any faults with the vehicle and establish if parts are replaced or re calibrated, utilising torque wrenches to tighten nuts/bolts to the manufacturer recommendations
  • ADAS, electric vehicle and SRS Awareness
  • Identify all types of engine systems function, including Hybrid & Electrical
  • Ability to remove, repair and replace suspension mechanical and electrical items from the vehicle safely


  • Ability to remove, repair and replace vehicle body panels and components of the vehicle safely and efficiently
  • Awareness to identify and understand the correct joining technology, e.g., when to use resistance spot welding, mag welding, mig brazing or bonding.
  • Ability to identify the correct repair tools, equipment and devices used in the process, panel pin pulling systems, spot welders, mag welders and mig brazing equipment.
  • Ability to carry out small filler repairs
  • Ability to identify and communicate supplementary damage such as panels that were deemed to be repairable but once worked on were found to be beyond repair, along with damage that could not be established on original inspection.
  • Ability to correctly identify the substrate materials to be refinished e.g., plastic, steel, aluminium.

Preparation & Paint

  • Ability to interpret relevant technical data and methods to create paint manufactures specified application.
  • The preparation techniques required for different materials & surfaces
  • Paint, basecoat & topcoats
  • The ability to identify and operate the correct repair tools, equipment and devices used in the process, e.g., mixing systems, paint booths, UV lamps and spray equipment. 


Please note that the initial 4 week programme is unpaid as directed to those that are currently on resettlement. The potential salary for those awarded with job offer at end of placement: £28K – £50K DOE

Although Skill Bridge™ Programmes are directed towards Service Leavers, the Programmes are also open to applications from Ex-Military Candidates that have already left the British Forces.

Outstanding career prospects within a rapidly expanding company.

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Job Features

Job CategorySkill Bridge Programme
Salary£28K - £50K DOE
LocationSkelmersdale, Lancashire

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